Thursday, September 6, 2007

Journal #1

For some students a new year and for others the first year at EHS, but for everybody who likes pop it will be a year of pain. The first thing the school did for the new year, was removing every pop machine in the school. The school says its because of the health, but what about the juices. They have almost twice as much sugar than pops. Additionally, what about nachos, pizzas and so on, they are not even close to be healthy. There is no reason to take those pop machines, because on the other hand the school made probably a lot of money out of them. So why? I dont see a reason. Having that said what about the bathrooms. Almost every bathroom in the school is locked and if the bathroom is not locked its probably at the end of the school. Hey, everybody has to do it and there is no way that we all fit in one bathroom. Somebody has to do something about it.

Chris P. Hour 6


Mr. Hatten said...

Chris: Good job on the blog and writing about things that are relevant to Edina High School.

Grace said...

I totally agree about the pop. Last year when I was feeling really tired, I would go get a pop to keep me awake. I guess it's going to be a little bit harder for me to stay awake this year.

Phil S said...

Chris i completely agree about the pop machines. and that if the school district gets rid of the machines the school district should also tell us about the health problems of pizza and nachos, or get rid of them.