Sunday, October 21, 2007

Idea #1

1) Slug:AFCWE?
2) Section of newspaper story would appear (no Op-Ed):
3) What are the most dominant news elements in the story? Explain in-depth:
News element#1:Proximity,because it is the EHS football team.
News element#2:Human Interest,because everybody in the school wants to know how the football team did/ or is doing. Probably, some people outside of Edina are interested too.
News element#3:Timeliness,because the tournament is still happening and the EHS football is undefeated and under the favourites for the title. It might timeliness in the future, because Edina did come so far.
4) In a few sentences, describe what the story will be about:
The story will be about the EHS football team and their chances to become the next State Champion and how incredible their season was these far compared to last season. Obviosly, the football team is better in this season, but why is that so.
5) Specifically, who will you interview or contact? Why those people?
-Kim Nelson, Head Coach of the Varsity Football Team. I think, he could answer most of my questions and he is the person who knows the team the best.
-Curtis James, one of the senior players and one of the captians of the team. He would know what the coaches are doing different or what is different in this season.
6) What information do you need to gather before you begin interviews?
Information about the other teams and their chances to become the champ. Gather some information about the previously seasons and the state champions of the last seasons. Information about the Edina team from this year and the last years. Information about the coaches and their methods.
7) What questions do you definitely need answered in your interviews?
-What are the EHS football coaches doing different this season?
-How could the current undeafeded series of the EHS football team effect the tournmant and the moral of the team?
-How does the win over Wayzata effect the tournmant?
-How do the wins of the other sport teams relate to the current football team?
8) What photo opportunities are available to go alongside this story (give names, places, times, etc.)?
I think a picture of the football teams victory over Wayzata would be reseanable. A picture of the last state championships victory from Edina would underline the topic.
9) Who should a photographer contact to set up photographs?
Pictures of the last state championship victory of Edina should already exist and also pictures of the victory over Wayzata should be easy to find.
10) What concerns or problems do you foresee in getting this story together?
There shouldn't be a problem to get this story together, but I have some concerns about getting the right pictures.
11) Other information?

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