Monday, November 12, 2007

Critic on Zephyrus

The articles on the front page are totally no front page material. The article about the new bridge design has no human interest in a Highschool, I think. The second article on the front page does also not have human interest for a Highschool. Though, the article are well writing and quotations are in the right spot. In the article about the bridge design, the author uses questions in the first paragraph. Questions should not follow in the lead. I would totally change the first paragraph that there is no question in it. Otherwise, the article is very well written, but something that bothers me is that it doesn't really has proximity. It does not really represent a event that happened in Edina and it doesn't really affect any student. The authors cited everything correctly. The first article could have been better if the author used a picture that he did on his own, but you could argue that it is really hard to make such a picture on your own.
The articles of Zephyrus are losing on interest and proximity and I think there is a big lack of ideas. I think that the newspaper solved the whole conflict with Trevor wrong. I think they are losing an credibility through solving it by putting a response to a letter, addressed to the editor. If a newspaper is losing on credibility they will lose all their readers and will get a lot of problems in the future. I always liked features in the newspaper. The feature in the newspaper is the only that keeps me getting the newspaper. Otherwise, I wouldn't even try to get the newspaper. A plus is this time, the article about the 90's. It was fun reading this article and I hope that they will create more articles like that in future newspapers.
I would totally change the way how the editor is choosing the right articles, because like I said earlier the articles are going in totally different direction. The authors should still use their good english knowledge in writing the news storie, because what I really like is the way their write the articles.

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Mr. Hatten said...

I liked how your analysis of the MNDOT story cited many how-tos of writing a newspaper story (especially the "don'ts") came out. I particularly liked how you said how you would reconstruct the article if you were writing it. This is insightful and shows you are thinking the articles through. I would have liked to see is why you liked the 90s article. What made you like it? What, from journalism class, made you like it? Was it an element of news? Was it the way it was written?